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You can find all sorts of information on the subject of natural gas in our Mediathek: our brochures, studies, videos, photos and GASWINNER.

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WINGAS regularly publish booklets and brochures which will keep you up to date with issues in the gas market, our products and other topics relevant to natural gas. You can download these brochures here, or simply send us an email and we will be more than happy to send you a printed copy.
WINGAS regularly produces its own studies and also compiles surveys together with well-known partners. We carry out research into a whole range of subjects relating to energy, energy efficiency and natural gas.

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If you are a journalist, a blogger, simply interested in natural gas or WINGAS, then you can find a selection of high-resolution pictures in our gallery which are free to use. We would be delighted to see what you publish so do send us a copy or a link to your article. If you need any further information or have any questions, then feel free to contact our press team.
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You can read our quarterly magazine, GASWINNER, online here. It’s a great read for our customers, or anyone with an interest in WINGAS, natural gas or the energy sector. You can also subscribe to the magazine – completely free of charge – to make sure you never miss an issue.

Issue 01/2015

How vulnerable is Germany’s infrastructure for supplying electricity, gas and water? Eberhard Oehler, managing director of the municipal utility in Ettlingen in the Alptal region, wanted to find out.

Issue 03/2014

Internet companies aim to use smart lifestyle products to achieve what politics has not: the energy transition in the heating market.

Issue 02/2014

Modern gas-fired power plants can play a useful role in Germany’s future energy mix. But more and more power plants are standing idle and risk becoming ruins of investment. We are no closer to the real aim of the energy transition, which is to reduce the carbon dioxide that is destroying the climate.

Issue 01/2014

Huge deposits of methane hydrates are located on the ocean floor and in the permafrost, but extracting them entails some risks. “Gas production from methane hydrate deposits confirmed,” the report of 12 March 2013 from Tokyo confirmed.
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