A company full of energy.

Who we are


Our success can be summed up in four principles: Partnership, proactive attitude, competence, and flexibility. Our philosophy is based on these four attributes, which guide everything we do. We're here to find solutions to your problems, overcome your obstacles, and help you achieve your goals. In short, we're your strong partner.

More energy for your future

WINGAS is the right partner for your secure supply of natural gas: We have been active on the European market for more than 25 years. In Germany, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, we successfully market a source of energy the significance of which will only increase in the future. We therefore offer our partners our full support when it comes to developing their businesses with natural gas. Take advantage of our expertise – we supply the energy for your future!

More energy together – that's what we believe in and we work for with all our different skills. We’re committed to an energy source with a future. Natural gas offers huge potential, and  its versatility makes it ideal for the differing demands of our customers. On a daily basis, we provide our customers with energy that is affordable, reliably available and as climate friendly as possible.

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