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Kassel – the home of WINGAS in the heart of Germany

WINGAS is right at the heart of things, in more ways than one. Our headquarters in Kassel are 70 kilometres north-west of the geographical centre of Germany, making Kassel the most central city in the country after Erfurt and Göttingen. Kassel’s central location means it is a hub of arts and culture. dOCUMENTA, the world’s most important exhibition for contemporary art, has been held here since 1955. 

Kassel’s 200,000 inhabitants enjoy a high quality of life. The beautiful historic city is set on the banks of the Fulda River and surrounded by the Habichtswald forest. As the economic center in north Hesse, Kassel is home to a range of successful companies in the transport, environment, energy, culture and tourism sectors. A fantastic range of restaurants and bars and lively cosmopolitan vibe give this city its unique charm.

Kassel is a wonderful place to discover art and culture and to experience history and tradition first hand. It was the home of the Brothers Grimm, who penned their first world famous fairy tales here.

It is also boasts one of Europe’s largest mountain parks, the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, 2.4km2 of beautiful parkland. The park’s greatest landmark is the mighty Hercules statue, which was commissioned by Landgrave Karl and built in 1717. The monument sits at the top of the park and is visible from far away. In 2013, the park and statue were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The committee praised the stunning architecture of the park, which is unlike any other in the world, set on a steep slope with technically perfect water structures.

If you want to learn more about Kassel, a new book about the city by Jörg Adrian Huber is a great place to start. His 446 page work contains many fascinating facts and entertaining tales about Kassel and its history, illustrated by more than 700 images. It is also complimented by a DVD with fascinating audio and film material.

Download this brochure from the tourist office for more information about our city.

The current Kassel city brochures for downloading