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Who we are

At home in Europe WINGAS strengthens supply security

WINGAS is one of the biggest natural gas suppliers in Germany. From there we’ve seen continued growth in our businesses in Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, France, the UK, Austria and the Czech Republic.
To make sure our business runs smoothly, we’ve set up subsidiaries in Belgium, Austria and the UK. WINGAS Benelux S.P.R.L. provides our services to customers in Belgium and The Netherlands. Our office in Vienna serves customers from Austria and The Czech Republic. WINGAS UK Ltd. supplies industry and business customers within the United Kingdom.
Across Europe, WINGAS’s reputation for reliability and security of supply is second to none.

WINGAS in the UK

Our experienced and dedicated team at WINGAS UK, based in Richmond, Surrey is passionate about working to benefit both you and your business. Outstanding service is as much as a part of our offering as the natural gas we supply. 

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WINGAS in Benelux

WINGAS Benelux is based in two locations; Brussels in Belgium, and Rijswijk in the Netherlands. The head office in Brussels provides strategic and administrative support for customers in the Benelux countries, coordinates the marketing and sales activities, and represents WINGAS in the European Union.

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WINGAS in Central Europe

Many gas utilities and industrial companies in Austria and the Czech Republic have been relying on our expertise for almost 10 years. No matter how you choose to structure your portfolio as a utility or what your industrial company specializes in - steel, chemicals, paper, or something else altogether, - we understand your business and will find the right solutions that work for you. We’re always willing to go the extra mile to meet your company’s needs. Just talk to us.

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