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Who we are

Social responsibility is important to us

WINGAS is not only synonymous with natural gas, but also with social commitment. We embody this by actively participating in numerous associations and initiatives that promote a wide range of projects. We want to help foster children’s physical and intellectual skills. That’s why WINGAS has been a partner of “ballstars” since a couple of years, a program developed by the University of Kassel and the MT Melsungen handball club, which offers additional ball game classes at primary schools throughout the Kassel region. 

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WINGAS is passionate about helping young people to enjoy the benefits of music, art and culture.  Being creative helps them to enhance their motor skills, stimulates their imagination and develops their sense of rhythm.

Find out more about some of the exciting projects we support:

Mirjam Henß and Birgit Kaiser from the club Labor Ost make an important contribution to promoting music and the arts among young people in Kassel with their festival. Even the youngest of children love music and theater, especially when they can join in and get creative themselves. They become really committed and enthusiastic. Just like WINGAS with its support for the project.


The Kassel based organisation “kwzo10” promotes music education amongst local young people by holding classes and concerts. The focus is always on active participation and playful learning, and fairy tales are used to inspire the children. “kwzo10” has won numerous awards and WINGAS is proud to support its fantastic work.


“New Sounds for Young Ears”

WINGAS has been supporting the exciting “New Sounds for Young Ears” project for several years. Musicians Christine Weghoff and Olaf Pyras teach students of different ages to experiment with music and to organise concerts. They guide the youngsters along every step of the musical discovery process – from researching sounds, to the composition process and production of a finished piece of work. In 2012, “New Sounds for Young Ears” was awarded Kassel’s annual Culture Prize.


“KinderKultUrlaub” (loosely translated as Children Culture Holiday) is a project of the city of Kassel and has been supported by WINGAS since it began in 2008. Artists visit day care facilities and kindergartens during the Autumn holiday.

The artists nurture and inspire the children’s creativity and imagination. They spend the week enjoying painting, reading, filming, drama and music.

The closing event and highlight of the action-packed week is an exhibition of all the projects in the Kassel arts centre, ‘Dock 4’. We are always astounded by the youngsters’ artistic prowess!