„You need stamina.Pim de Jong, Commercial adviser

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„Stability and speed are two sides of the same coin.Rolf Schlausch, Market Analyst Trading

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„Step by step to the finishing line.Anja Kossmann, Oil and Gas Trader

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“You need stamina.” Pim de Jong, Commercial adviser

At the WINGAS office in ’s-Hertogenbosch, Pim de Jong is always on the look-out for competitive offers for the Dutch customers together with energy consultants. Supplying the customers according to their needs is, of course, the top priority, but the price has to be right, too. “Particularly on the Dutch market, where there is a great deal of domestic natural gas production, it is not enough to simply offer the lowest price. You also have to build up a good relationship with the customer. That requires stamina – just like with skiing.”

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„Stability and speed are two sides of the same coin.“ Rolf Schlausch, Market Analyst Trading

Rolf Schlausch is the man to talk to about changing prices in the natural gas market. He’s a specialist in his field, adjusting our forecasting to cope with changing circumstances, such as pipeline maintenance, dwindling storage stocks or changing weather. He keeps our clients in business and industry informed of developments, giving them invaluable information about the right time to buy.

“It is imperative to give our customers as much investment certainty as possible. I have to keep a very close eye on the factors influencing prices and market dynamics. Sometimes things move at an incredibly fast pace, and at other times the market is slow and stable. With WINGAS we’ll make sure you have a smooth ride whatever the markets are doing. Stability and speed are two things I love about my classic cars too.”

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„Step by step to the finishing line.“ Anja Kossmann, Oil and Gas Trader

With her colleagues in the trading team, Anja Kossmann is responsible for the procurement and sale of gas on both spot and futures markets, and for hedging prices in the oil markets. She submits her offers for trades in all the major European trading exchanges, taking care to get her transactions absolutely right.

Anja often handles trading directly, which requires a great deal of intuition, sensitivity, and timing.

“I speak to people all over the world every day – it’s fantastic. I enjoy working towards an agreement step by step, reaching the finish line over the course of the day. It’s often a marathon, not a sprint, but I love it. I want to reach the best possible result from every deal. For my job, you need perseverance and a great deal of patience.”

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