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The gas industry is one of the most important branches of the German energy sector – for everything from gas-fuelled mobility to the heating market. It is even the market leader in the heating sector: around 19 million individual customers, i.e., half of all households in Germany, use natural gas to heat their homes. In 2013 more than 77 percent of all new heating systems installed in Germany were gas heating.

The initiative “Zukunft Erdgas” is committed to increasing public awareness of how important gas is for the success of the energy transition in Germany. It is an alliance of two other initiatives, “Erdgas Produkt- und Systemkampagne” and “Initiative Erdgas pro Umwelt” (IEU).

It also cooperates with “erdgas mobil” and the Working Group for Energy Conservation and Environmentally Friendly Energy (ASUE). As a member, WINGAS has supported the work of Zukunft Erdgas since its foundation.

More information at: www.zukunft-erdgas.info