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Issue 02/2016

NEW TECHNOLOGIES: Avatar colleagues

The continuing cost pressure in the oil and gas production industry is inspiring innovation. The timing is perfect, since digitalization offers unprecedented opportunities – from the virtual platform to the subsea factory and remote control operations.

Issue 02/2016

DIGITALIZATION: The Cinderella of digitalization

Companies hope that Industry 4.0 will bring faster, better and more efficient production. But almost no one is talking about energy management in this context. Especially not in the SME sector.

Issue 02/2016

FUSION ENERGY: Harnessing the power of the sun

At the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Greifswald, Germany, scientists are researching a new source of energy. They are modeling their work on the process that makes stars shine.

Issue 02/2016

SOLAR ENERGY: Foldable and watertight

The Solar Cloth Company from the United Kingdom has developed light and flexible solar panels that can be attached to various different materials – even sails.

Issue 02/2016

DIGITALIZATION: Smart little helpers

If the restructuring of Germany’s energy landscape is to succeed, energy efficiency must be improved. The range of system solutions and apps on offer is growing all the time.