A climate-friendly energy supply with natural gas

New WINGAS products: successful market launch of CO2-neutral natural gas

Kassel. WINGAS has expanded its product portfolio to include CO2-neutral natural gas in response to the ecological challenges posed by climate change. Sales of the new product began last autumn, and WINGAS Managing Director responsible for sales, Dr. Ludwig Möhring, gave a positive initial report of the new product's performance. "We have already been able to sell more than a billion kilowatt hours of CO2-neutral natural gas," the Managing Director said. "And this is an upwards trend."

The WINGAS product is aimed at customers who wish to convert to a fully climate-neutral energy supply and also offset the low greenhouse gas emissions released by the combustion of natural gas. "This way it is possible to improve on the already excellent performance of natural gas in terms of climate impact," the WINGAS Managing Director explained. The emissions are offset by CO2-reductions from climate protection projects. The company supports selected geothermal and wind energy projects which generate renewable energies as well as new technological applications aimed at cutting emissions. As Möhring explained, "These projects can be realized and continued long-term thanks to our contribution."
"Climate protection pack" offers customers comprehensive information

The selection of the projects is based on strict international quality criteria such as the Gold Standard, which is also supported by environmental organizations such as the WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature). The certificates, which are recognized and examined by independent bodies such as the UN Climate Secretariat in Bonn, are purchased by WINGAS and then removed from the market and annulled. The costs of the certificates are integrated into the gas price. "Per household it's about 75 euros more per year for the climate-friendly natural gas," Ludwig Möhring explains.

The processes aimed at cutting emissions are monitored comprehensively and regularly by internationally recognized inspection organizations such as the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV). This agency is responsible for certifying the projects and ensuring the criterion of additionality, the proof that the project would not have been realized without the company's support. Only CO2-reduction projects which it would not otherwise have been possible to realize are supported. For 2011, amongst other things, investments in a wind power station in TeApiti in New Zealand are planned. This project aims to save about 180,000 tons of CO2 a year.

The "WINGAS climate protection pack" contains a wide range of information on the subject of green natural gas, the ecologically friendly WINGAS natural gas products, emissions trading as well as climate protection projects the company is supporting.

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