Change to the Management Board of WINGAS GmbH

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Kassel, August 29, 2019: Peter Scherger was appointed as the new Managing Director of WINGAS GmbH. Since August 08, 2019, the Managing Directors of WINGAS GmbH are Peter Scherger and Lavrenty Pilyagin. In the past, Peter Scherger worked in the structure of GAZPROM Germania in various positions, most recently in the period of 2011 – 2017 as Managing Director of GAZPROM Schweiz AG.
Slava Margulis, former Managing Director of WINGAS GmbH, left the company.

WINGAS is a subsidiary of GAZPROM Germania established in 1993. It is one of the largest natural gas suppliers in Europe and is active in the field of natural gas trading in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Among its customers are primarily municipal utilities, regional gas suppliers, industrial companies and power plants.

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