“Effective climate protection requires the integration of renewable energies and natural gas”

Berlin/Kassel. “If the new government moves away from the climate protection target for 2020, it will simply be an acceptance of reality when all is said and done; after all, nothing has been achieved in the past few years with regard to cutting CO2 emissions. “Anyone, however, who wants to reach the targets of the Paris climate protection agreement must rely on a practical combination of renewable energies and natural gas, and an integrated infrastructure,” as Ludwig Möhring, Managing Director Sales at WINGAS, stressed during a panel discussion at the Handelsblatt Annual Conference on “Energy Industry 2018” in Berlin. Möhring went on to say that the so-called all-electric world was unrealistic and would isolate Germany in an international context. 
In the global context, he said that natural gas, alongside renewable energies, was the second cornerstone in the modern energy landscape. By 2040, global natural gas consumption will rise by more than 40% according to a forecast made by the IEA last year. “We cannot and should not position ourselves as a major exporting nation outside the global and European context.”
On the subject of CO2 pricing, Möhring is in favor of introducing CO2-based taxes, since he regards them as the most effective tool for cutting CO2 emissions. He says that such solutions make sense in the international context; the UK, Holland and France had already led the way by introducing a minimum CO2 price. That way, electricity tax could be replaced by a CO2-based tax. “What cannot be tolerated, however, is if the EEG levy is reduced through the introduction of taxes on fossil fuels – then costs will be shifted in an unacceptable manner from the electricity sector to other sectors,” says Möhring.

Around 1,200 participants will be discussing the energy transition with representatives from the worlds of politics, industry and research at the 25th Handelsblatt Annual Conference on “Energy Industry 2018” until Thursday. WINGAS is attending the industry get-together with its own booth.

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