Energy efficiency: WINGAS group has undergone an energy audit

WINGAS and astora meet the requirements under the German Energy-Related Services Act.

Kassel. The office locations of WINGAS and astora in Kassel and Berlin have undergone an energy audit by the independent institute CEC Energieconsulting. The audit report came to a positive verdict and also contains suggestions on how energy efficiency can be increased further, energy costs cut and environmental emissions reduced at the same time. CEC’s Managing Director Michael Höpping presented the audit report in compliance with DIN 16247-1 to the Managing Directors Gerhard König and Andreas Renner and the Energy Team of WINGAS and astora, which helped prepare the report.


Investing in energy-saving technology
“Successful auditing has helped supply extensive information on the potential for saving energy at our company. As a company that sells natural gas, the most eco-friendly fuel there is, we’re setting a good example by investing in energy-saving technology,” says WINGAS Chairman of the Board Gerhard König.


That view is shared by astora’s Managing Director Andreas Renner: “Successful completion of the energy audit means we meet the statutory requirement to conduct such an audit by the end of 2015. It’s a good tool to identify the use of energy at the company. We can use the results as a basis for reducing energy flows sensibly.” The natural gas storage facilities Rehden and Jemgum were not examined in this audit. Both have already been certified in accordance with the ISO 50001 energy management system.


The Energy-Related Services Act serves to implement the EU Energy Efficiency Directive, which aims to reduce energy consumption in the European Union. It obligates all large companies to analyze their energy consumption systematically every four years from now on. “We now plan to have all WINGAS and astora locations certified on the basis of this energy audit in accordance with the ISO 50001 energy management system by 2017 so as to keep on improving our energy efficiency,” says Stephan Burghardt, WINGAS Building Management.



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