"Energy landscape needs all-round talents like natural gas"

Vienna/Kassel. Availability, competitiveness, supply security, sustainability: Extensive demands are placed on an optimal energy source. "Just as in the case of an Olympic decathlon – you have to be strong in all of the disciplines, to ensure an overall victory in the combined event," explained Hamead Ahrary, head of central Europe at WINGAS, at the Handelsblatt Annual Energy Industry Conference Austria 2016.

"Natural gas can score in all disciplines, therefore the climate-friendly natural gas will continue to be an undisputed part of the energy mix in the future as well," Ahrary confidently explained in front of several representatives of the Austrian energy industry. "After all, the energy landscape needs all-round talents such as natural gas to ensure a sustainable and affordable energy supply.

In his lecture titled "Natural gas: caught between importance, entitlement, perception and the future role thereof," Ahrary emphasized that renewable energy alone would not be able to meet energy needs in the foreseeable future. Although the topic of renewable energies was the focus of many public discussions, natural gas played a key role especially for the industry as both an energy source and a natural resource. Ahrary: "And natural gas is also in the lead in terms of household usage – for example, every second heating system in Vienna alone is operated with natural gas. In addition, natural gas is one of the country's most important fuels for the generation of district heating." Natural gas covers around one-fifth of the total Austrian energy consumption.  

The Handelsblatt Annual Conference has served as a meeting platform for the Austrian energy industry for the past 20 years now. The topics of the anniversary edition included the correct framework conditions for the future of the Austrian energy industry, advising on new business models through the increasing amount of digitization and the impact of European developments on the Austrian market.

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