Energy mix of the future: integration of renewable energy and natural gas

Berlin/Kassel. “We have to rethink: Serious climate protection can succeed if we exploit the potential of renewable energies and conventional fuels such as natural gas,” said Ludwig Möhring, Managing Director of WINGAS, at the Handelsblatt Annual Conference for the Energy Industry 2017 in Berlin “The electrification of all areas of life as set out in the Climate Protection Plan will not work and seems ideological,” added Möhring. Together with other experts from the energy sector, the WINGAS Manager Director took part in a panel discussion entitled “Optimum greenhouse gas reduction in Germany: Which paths lead to our goal?”

The experts did agree on one point: that nothing had been achieved in terms of climate protection since the start of the energy revolution. “CO2 emissions are still at the same level,” said Möhring. “However, we cannot carry on as before.” As the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU) confirmed, the globalization budget would be exhausted by 2035 if CO2 emissions remained at the same level as in recent years.

While renewable energies accounted for 10 percent of primary energy consumption in Germany at the start of the decade, the figure has now only risen to 12.5 percent. In light of these figures, the electrification of all sectors described in the Climate Protection Plan 2050 appears unrealistic. “As the Federal Audit Office rightly said, we need to discuss solutions that can reduce CO2 quickly and cost-effectively,” emphasized Möhring. He explained that the vision of a fully electrified future alone would not be enough. After all, the German idea of full electrification using renewable energies faces a world in which, according to the latest calculations from the International Energy Agency, global demand for natural gas is expected to increase by 50 percent by 2040. According to the “World Energy Outlook,” natural gas and renewables are the future. “This underlines the global importance of natural gas as an environmentally friendly, flexible and available fuel,” said Möhring.

Representatives from the German energy industry met in Berlin for the 24th time at the Annual Conference for the Energy Industry. Around 1,200 decision-makers from the energy sector discussed the energy transition, energy policy and trends. WINGAS had its own stand at the energy congress.

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