Fuel cell heating system: Market development is on schedule

Berlin. KfW has been funding the installation of highly modern fuel cell heating systems for a year. And successfully so: Use of the funding has been in line with expectations. A total of 1,500 units will be installed in 2017. “The available funds are being drawn upon and the fuel cells are becoming established on the market. The funding program is working,” says Timm Kehler, Chairman of the Zukunft Erdgas industry initiative.

The KfW program 433 “Fuel Cell Grant” provides funding for the installation of efficient technology. The total amount ranges from €7,000 to €28,000, depending on the size of the devices. “Customer feedback has been positive: The fuel cell is the most efficient form of available heating technology, therefore resulting in the lowest energy costs for home owners. Customers appreciate that. And procurement conditions are attractive, thanks to the funding,” explains Kehler. The fuel cells utilize natural gas and generate the most efficient electricity and heat.

Manufacturers of the device anticipate exponential market growth throughout the coming years. Starting 2023, the goal is to annually install around 75,000 fuel cell heating systems. That would amount to a market share of approximately ten percent. Kehler: “The first step has been made. We have been highly pleased with the developments thus far.”

You can download the press release at: https://www.zukunft-erdgas.info/news/artikel/brennstoffzellen-heizung-marktentwicklung-liegt-im-plan

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