Growing importance of social media in the energy sector

WINGAS study in cooperation with the University of Münster

Social media are becoming increasingly important for B2B enterprises in the energy sector, as a new study conducted by WINGAS in cooperation with the University of Münster has shown. Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Stieglitz, various projects on the subject of social media were carried out at the faculty for Communication and Collaboration Management. They analyzed in particular aspects such as brand awareness, thematic relevance and customer expectations.

Business networks increasingly important
Many companies only associate social media with Facebook or Twitter. "They often forget that other networks also have a wide reach and are thus important channels for spreading contents related to the company," explains Carsten Müller, marketing manager at WINGAS. "For example, company news can be published for specific target groups via so-called business networks such as XING. That is relevant for the personnel division for applications management and recruiting, for instance," Müller continues.

Identifying risks
The analysis also showed that social media are even important for companies that do not so far have profiles on Twitter or Facebook. Many people forget that company profiles can be set up without any involvement of the company too. If this happens without the company noticing, it can influence the way the company is portrayed to the outside world in a negative way. In addition, discussions about companies in social media can take on a life of their own. These factors can lead to a loss of image. Hence, companies should devote more attention to social media.

Monitoring is crucial
An important requirement for successful corporate communications in social media is monitoring. This includes tracking and following relevant issues as well as evaluating the numerous social networks. New networks are constantly appearing or fading in significance again. Google+, for instance, gained many new users within a short space of time and is becoming increasingly popular with companies too as an information and news platform.

WINGAS and the online experts at the University of Münster have been cooperating for some time now. This is now their third project together.

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