Heating: Germans want to combine energy sources

Representative survey by public opinion research institute forsa shows the important role of natural gas and renewables

More than half of Germans would like their heating to come from a combination of conventional and renewable energy sources. Almost two thirds prefer natural gas. That is the result of a representative forsa survey carried out on behalf of the industry initiative “Zukunft Erdgas”.


57 percent of the more than 1,000 people interviewed in September 2014 said they would like to have  a mix of conventional and renewable energies for their heating. 25 percent would prefer a solution that focuses solely on renewables and 10 percent would like to stick to traditional fuels such as natural gas.



Germans believe in a combination with gas


In the comparison of energy forms, natural gas is quite clearly the preferred partner for renewables: 65% would like to have natural gas, 22 percent prefer oil. "The figures show: natural gas and renewables are strong partners for the energy transition,” says Dr. Timm Kehler, Chairman of Zukunft Erdgas. "Heating with natural gas is climate-friendly and low-cost. This makes it a favourite
among households".



Costs and climate protection equally weighted


The forsa figures provide interesting insight into the reasons why those surveyed responded the way they did: 71 percent believed costs and climate protection should influence the choice of heating energy equally. Few respondents wanted to speak out in favour of costs (11 percent)
or climate protection (13 percent). Kehler: "Natural gas condensing boiler technology offers the greatest climate protection per euro invested. If households find costs and climate protection
equally important, then they are definitely making the right choice with natural gas".

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