Industrial cooperation relies on natural gas as a fuel

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Roadshow on natural gas mobility launched Hamburg

Hamburg/Kassel. An industrial cooperation between VW, gas providers, transmission system operators and operators of CNG filling stations wants to drive forward the topic of natural gas mobility in Germany. The partners in the initiative, which also include WINGAS, are aiming for a tenfold increase in the German CNG vehicle fleet to one million by 2025, as VW Group representative Jens Andersen explained at the kick-off for the joint roadshow on natural gas mobility in Hamburg. The number of CNG filling stations should also double to 2,000 during the same period.

According to Andersen, VW aims to achieve a quarter of its sales with electric cars by 2025. The CNG initiative targets part of the remaining 75 percent. In an initial step, the Group wants to specifically win over fleet operators for gas-powered vehicles. They should be offered complete packages that include the fuel and filling concepts. The VW representative stressed that natural gas as a fuel made sense in terms of economics and environmental policy. According to Andersen, CNG should at least in part be replaced by biomethane and synthetic natural gas.

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