Live from the track: Natural gas pipeline broadcasts on YouTube

Video journalist accompanies the work on Germany's longest construction site | Natural gas pipeline has its own TV channel

Kassel. How is a natural gas pipeline actually built? How do I weld together two 18-meter-long, 1.4-meter-wide steel pipes? And what do the 2,500 OPAL construction workers far away from home do when they finish work? Video journalist Thomas Bundschuh goes in search of the answers to these questions between the Baltic Sea coast and the Ore Mountains along the 470-kilometer-long construction site for the OPAL natural gas pipeline. The answers are now being presented in film format on YouTube, where a dedicated TV portal has been set up for OPAL (Ostsee-Pipeline-Anbindungs-Leitung - Baltic Sea Pipeline Link). The first ten episodes of the series "Live from the track" are already on air at www.youtube.com/OPALPipeline or at www.opal-pipeline.de.

Bundschuh is in close contact with the people on the pipeline track while filming and he learns about their passion for pipeline construction, about day-to-day activities like driving diggers or welding pipes. In the latest episode Project Manager Hans-Georg Egelkamp describes what it's like to see technical plans becoming reality. Three years of intensive planning have paid off: over 50 percent of the pipeline has already been completed - and every day a few more kilometers are added.

The press team of OPAL NEL Transport is happy to provide more information on the "Live from the track" series and answer any questions regarding the integration of the video into editorial online portals and can be reached at +49 561 934-3301.
OPAL NEL TRANSPORT GmbH will perform the tasks of network operator for the OPAL natural gas pipeline. It is part of the WINGAS Group, which, in addition to natural gas supplier WINGAS, includes WINGAS TRANSPORT. WINGAS TRANSPORT operates a nationwide gas pipeline network more than 2,000 km long.

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