Natural gas as a fuel will continue to offer tax benefits until 2026

Kassel. Anyone who runs their car on natural gas will continue to benefit in future from a reduced energy tax rate and hence lower prices. The government parties in the German Bundestag agreed in the Financial Committee on favorable tax treatment for the alternative fuel until 2026. A decisive factor, according to the parties, was in particular the regenerative potential of natural gas. “This decision was long overdue. The government has now released the handbrake on market development of the alternative fuel,” as Timm Kehler, Chairman of the Zukunft Erdgas (Future of Natural Gas) industry initiative, commented.

Alongside the gas industry, numerous car manufacturers, associations, motor clubs and the environmental group Deutsche Umwelthilfe had called for the extension. They had jointly succeeded in “presenting why natural gas mobility deserves to be subsidized,” said Kehler. “There’s no getting around natural gas as a fuel for anyone considering affordable climate protection, air pollution and sustainable mobility.”

Gas-powered vehicles emit far less CO2 and nitrous oxides than conventionally powered vehicles, and hardly any particulates. Several manufacturers recently announced new models and, in some cases, new engines. Natural gas as a fuel is available at around 900 filling stations in Germany.

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