Natural gas is an important part of Austrian energy supply

Vienna/Kassel. Numerous national experts recently discussed the current and future development of the Austrian energy mix at IIR Energy Days 2016 in Vienna. And despite the marked emphasis on renewable energies in the public sphere, the discussion quickly demonstrated how, with the high level of popularity on the demand side, natural gas continues to play an important role as an energy source or natural resource.

"Energy means more than just focusing on renewables alone," says Hamead Ahrary, Head of Sales Central Europe at WINGAS in opening his speech to representatives from the worlds of politics and business. In Vienna, for example, every second heating system, he says, is based not only on natural gas, but rather also to a significant degree on Austrian district heat supply. "And industry also depends significantly on these sources of energy," Ahrary made clear. "Be it steel or paper production, the glass sector or food industry, companies rely on natural gas. Forty percent of Austrian natural gas requirements come from industry alone."

The Paris Climate Agreement will also boost the role of natural gas in the medium-term. Ahrary: "If CO2 reduction is the centerpiece of the conversion of the energy landscape because of cost considerations, there will only be one solution in the interaction between conventional and renewable energy sources."

The "IIR Energy Days Austria" event is one of the biggest industry meetings of the Austrian energy sector.

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