Talks with customers on the canal

WINGAS welcomed customers on a boat in Amsterdam / experts discussed the role of natural gas

Amsterdam/Kassel. Once again this year, WINGAS invited its customers for a chat at the fringes of the Flame energy conference in an intimate atmosphere on the water and also used this ambiance to hold talks with media representatives. The ship, which was moored at the quay in front of the conference center, was painted in white and WINGAS’ color cyan and could be recognized from a long way off.

Experts discussed the future role of natural gas in the energy supply at the energy conference. WINGAS Managing Director Ludwig Möhring commented: “We, the entire industry, have to promote and get behind our product more. The advantages of natural gas are obvious and now we also have to represent them clearly, in particular toward policymakers, so that natural gas can finally fulfill its role as the perfect complement to the desired expansion of renewables and as a substitute for generation of electricity from coal. Renewable energies alone won’t be able to help us advance to a low-CO2 world; serious climate protection means we have to substantially improve the carbon footprint for conventional sources of energy, which will also account for the lion’s share of energy consumption in the coming decades – and that’s only possible with natural gas.”

When asked for his assessment of how the gas market would develop in the next ten years, Möhring replied: “The market will continue to change sharply. Apart from digitization, which will define our business every more strongly throughout all stages of the value chain in natural gas supply, the intensity of competition will remain undiminished in particular and impact our day-to-day business. We’ll see new competitors on the market, while other established companies will disappear.”

In conclusion, Möhring spelled out again that effective climate protection could not be achieved without natural gas: “In order to reduce CO2 emissions, renewable energies and the cleanest of all fossil fuels must make a joint contribution to our future energy supply.”

More than 650 movers and shakers from business, politics and industry gathered in Amsterdam for Europe’s leading trade fair on natural gas and LNG. Over 180 speakers talked about the latest developments and challenges in the natural gas and LNG industry and discussed the role of natural gas in the energy mix. More than 60 exhibitors from over 40 countries showcased what they have to offer in the accompanying exhibition.

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