The Czech Republic Encourages Switch to Natural Gas Vehicles

Kassel. In an effort to reduce CO2 emissions and dependence on fossil fuels, on November 20, 2015, the Czech government adopted the National Action Plan for Clean Mobility (NAP CM). The program, which is designed to encourage people to switch to natural gas, electric and hybrid vehicles, is set to stimulate the market with reduced purchase prices, free parking spaces and increased availability of charging stations and service stations. As such, the aim is to have a total of 1300 new charging stations for electric vehicles and 200 new natural gas stations in operation by the year 2020. Five public LNG service stations are also planned.

Approximately 11,000 vehicles that run on environmentally-friendly natural gas are already on the roads in the Czech Republic. Natural gas is therefore making a considerable contribution to helping the Czech Republic achieve its climate targets as approximately 15% of the country's CO2 emissions are caused by road traffic.

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