Transporting at the BMW factory in Leipzig using biogas from WINGAS

Essen/Kassel. The new gas-powered trucks at the Konrad Zippel haulage company in Hamburg will run in future on biogas supplied by WINGAS. The Zippel Group wants to use biogas to keep its shipments to the BMW plant in Leipzig CO2 neutral in the future. Billing will be for the first time via the DKV CNG fuel card (Compressed Natural Gas) from Gazprom NGV Europe. This was announced by the companies on the trade fair stand co-hosted by WINGAS and Gazprom Marketing & Trading (GM&T) at E-world in Essen, Germany.

The new CNG Scania trucks replace part of the old diesel fleet in order to lower emissions in the future. The trucks deliver automotive parts to the BMW plant in Leipzig. Use of the fuel card allows the Zippel Group to significantly reduce its administrative effort, since costs and refills are now processed in detail on a monthly basis.

“We can thus make intermodal freight transport considerably more attractive for a customer like BMW and reduce CO2 emissions from well to wheel by up to 90 percent,” says Axel Kroeger, Managing Partner of the Zippel Group. As a result, the company will save around 420 tons of CO2 each year. Another positive factor is noise reduction, since, according to the German Energy Agency (DENA), CNG engines are five to ten decibels quieter than diesel engines.

“We see great potential with natural gas mobility in the long term for significantly reducing emissions in road traffic. Admixing biogas makes gas-powered vehicles even more eco-friendly,” explains Uwe Johann, Managing Director of Gazprom NGV Europe. Compared with gasoline, vehicles powered by biogas produce 97 percent less CO2. Nitrogen oxides and particulate matter emissions are reduced by around 80 percent. Within its longstanding cooperation, WINGAS and its sister company Gazprom NGV Europe ensure official recognition of the biomethane through certificates.

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