WINGAS: Getting energy turnaround going

Berlin. WINGAS appreciate the plans for reforming the changeover to renewable energy sources offered by the new German Minister of Economics and Energy Sigmar Gabriel, but calls for further steps. “The approach is right but things should go faster“, says Gerhard König, chairman of the WINGAS management board, at the Handelsblatt Annual Conference "Energy Industry 2014" in Berlin. He emphasized the necessity to create appropriate framework conditions to enable gas-fired power plants to work economically. “Some would like to invest – including customers of ours – but risk is too high. There is an urgent need for planning reliability in this industry“, König says.

WINGAS sales manager and member of the management board Ludwig Möhring also wants for more crucial points in Gabriel´s contribution, and he puts this straight: “One of the focal points of the energy turnaround must be climate protection. “It´s a real matter of affordability and greenhouse gas abatements costs“. It would be desirable for the government to address this matter seriously, and not touching it only briefly. He says that Gabriel clearly understands what is feasible and economical, but considers it doubtful whether managing the energy turnaround would be possible with market-based principles. Möhring signalizes that WINGAS and the society Verein Zukunft Erdgas e.V. will have a share in the changeover process to renewable energy sources – particularly with regard to in the heat market.

At the annual conference „Energy Industry 2014“ about 1200 participants took part in the discussions on the energy turnaround, reflecting public opinion, namely political, economic, scientific, or representing research circles. WINGAS was present at the industry meeting with a stand.

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