WINGAS in discussion with German industry

Annual Conference of the German Industrial Energy and Power Industry Association (VIK) in Berlin

Kassel. Germany: Today’s location, tomorrow’s energy? Energy experts discussed that question at the Annual Conference of the German Industrial Energy and Power Industry Association (VIK) in Berlin. At the heart of things: WINGAS, whose well-attended stand was a point of contact for the many participants. The company sponsored the event for the first time.

More than 300 representatives from the industry followed the lively discussions on the energy shift and energy supply at the event staged by the German Industrial Energy and Power Industry Association. “If the EU and Germany were to go it alone on climate policy, that would mean considerable competitive disadvantages and ultimately a loss of jobs and value added here,” stated the VIK’s Chairman Roland Mohr to kick off the association’s conference and criticized the political zigzag course in the energy shift.

Mohr therefore called again for dependable future perspectives as part of energy and industry policy. For one-and-a-half decades, energy-intensive industries had not even been investing the amounts they had written off. Industry is a key pillar in the German economy: It contributes 650 billion euros, or more than 20 percent, to gross value added and gives 7.3 million people in Germany a job. In addition, industrial enterprises consume 28.5 percent of energy and almost half of Germany’s electricity.

“The VIK’s Annual Conference was an outstanding opportunity for us to present ourselves and our business in direct contact with representatives from industry,” says Thomas Böhlert, Head of Natural Gas Sales Large Industry & Power Plants at WINGAS. “If you seriously want to make progress toward achieving the energy shift and protecting the climate, you can’t leave natural gas out of the equation – and that goes for the electricity and heat market alike.”

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