Zukunft Erdgas: 60 members and counting

Gas industry initiative continues to grow

The number of companies supporting the gas industry's Zukunft Erdgas initiative has grown to 60, with more than 24 new members joining in the past few months alone. "Natural gas has a huge potential – both economically and ecologically. Our job is to be vocal in our support of this potential", says Dr. Timm Kehler, spokesperson of the Zukunft Erdgas board. "The steady increase in the number of members clearly shows that we are on the right track."


Zukunft Erdgas brings together the former Erdgas Produkt- und Systemkampagne (Natural gas product and system campaign) and Initiative Erdgas pro Umwelt (Natural gas for the environment initiative – IEU). It works in conjunction with Erdgas Mobil and Arbeitsgemeinschaft für sparsamen und umweltfreundlichen Energieverbrauch (the working group for energy conservation and environmentally-friendly energy – ASUE). Zukunft Erdgas’s objective is to promote the full potential of natural gas. The initiative also sets out to disseminate a wide range of information about the opportunities gas has to offer for the German Energy Transition and the energy mix of the future.


With an annual turnover of around 40 billion euro from the sale of natural gas, the gas industry is one of the most important branches of the German energy sector. Natural gas is the market leader in the heating market: around 19 million private customers currently use natural gas for their heating, approximately half of all households in Germany. More than 77 per cent of all new heating systems installed in Germany in 2013 were gas-powered.


WINGAS supports Zukunft Erdgas’s work through its membership.


More information about Zukunft Erdgas is available at www.zukunft-erdgas.info.

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