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Study: "Greenhouse gas emission figures for fossil fuels and power station scenarios in Germany" ifeu – Institute for Energy and Environmental Research Heidelberg

Natural gas is the most climate-friendly fossil fuel. Per kWh generated, its CO2 emissions taking into account transport, production and combustion are half those of hard coal and brown coal. Furthermore, gas-fired power stations in Germany are much more efficient.

Natural gas emits around 50 percent less CO2 than brown coal and around 25 percent less than hard coal for each kilowatt hour used.

If transport, production and processing materials are taken into account, brown coal produces 1.183 kg of CO2 per kWh of electricity generated

CO2 emissions for the average electricity production of all power stations in Germany

With the average energy mix in Germany, 0.596 kilograms of CO2 are currently produced for each kilowatt hour of electricity generated. Increasing the share of natural gas in electricity generation would considerably reduce CO2 emissions. 

Energy mix for average electricity production (net) in Germany

In 2013, renewable energy sources overtook brown coal, hard coal and nuclear power for the first time ever and now account for the largest share of electricity production. The share of natural gas in the energy mix has fallen to 13 percent.

Gross efficiency of power stations in Germany

The higher the efficiency of a power station, the less fuel needs to be used in order to generate electricity. If for example electricity is generated using a fuel with a high CO2 content in a power station with low efficiency, the amount of

The study was carried out on behalf of WINGAS GmbH. The data contained in the model were obtained from material flow databases such as Evoinvent and Gemis backed up by data generated from own projects. Current international data from the IEA and EUROSTAT as well as other official statistics were  


used in the energy mix and efficiency calculations. A detailed description of the model in English can be found on the ifeu homepage.


The advantages of climate-friendly natural gas can also be seen in the electricity market.

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