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Green natural gas Natural gas? Yes – but climate-neutral please!

Although burning natural gas generates far less carbon dioxide than burning other fuels, such as coal, it still has an environmental impact. However, at WINGAS we ensure your use of our “green” natural gas is completely carbon neutral by purchasing CO2 certificates to offset the gas you use. These certificates guarantee that exactly the same volume of carbon dioxide generated during the combustion of your natural gas is saved somewhere else, ensuring that the gas usage by your business is carbon neutral.

The money that we invest in CO2 certificates makes a vital contribution to environmental protection. It is invested in a range of fantastic climate protection projects all over the world, which are funded exclusively by revenue from emissions certificates trading. To make sure the investments have as much impact as possible, WINGAS only supports projects that adhere to the “Verified Carbon Standard” or the “Gold Standard”, which are closely monitored and subject to high quality standards.

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Your expectations: Using natural gas sustainably and in a way that protects the climate

  • Are you looking for ecological and sustainable products for your customers?
  • Do you want to be more environmentally friendly, and use natural gas in a carbon neutral way?

Certified climate protection projects

WINGAS is currently involved in climate protection projects in China and Thailand. The projects are certified in accordance with the VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) and thus meet the highest quality standards.

Climate protection project in China: purification of process gases

During the manufacture of fertilizers, nitrous oxide (N2O), which is harmful to the climate, is generated and released into the atmosphere. The greenhouse gas effect of nitrous oxide is almost 300 times that of a comparable amount of CO2.

But in Caojing, China, WINGAS is involved in a climate protection project in which the nitrous oxide is converted into climate-neutral elements, nitrogen and oxygen, by using catalysts. That is equal to saving the equivalent of around 400,000 tons of CO2 a year.

Climate protection project in Thailand: waste water treatment

In a plant north-east of Bangkok, starch is extracted from cassava crops, creating up to five million liters of waste water every day. The storage of this waste water in open basins generates methane emissions. But thanks to a newly installed waste water treatment system, the methane is no longer released into the atmosphere.

Instead, it is used as biogas for heat processes in the plant. This saves the equivalent of 95,000 tons of CO2. At the same time, the consumption of crude oil, which is used for various processes in the plant, was cut by 80 percent. The treated water can be used to irrigate the fields nearby and offers good conditions for fish farming too, so the project also helps the local food supply.

Our promise: Every gram of CO2 emitted by our green natural gas is offset elsewhere

WINGAS supports climate protection and emissions savings projects. By investing in carbon offsetting certificates, which support innovative environmental projects worldwide, we are able to offer genuinely green natural gas products. Our investments are independently verified by the TÜV Nord agency, which ensures each carbon certificate is cancelled once it has been sold and cannot be used again. The certificates are particularly well suited for offsetting large volumes of CO2 and can even be used for entire portfolios.

The advantages:

Your commitment to sustainability is global and you can minimise your own environmental impact.

You can offer your customers environmentally friendly products.

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Your contact person

Andreas Zimmermann
Königstor 20
34117 Kassel
Phone: +49 (0) 561 99858-1405
E-Mail: andreas.zimmermann[at]