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  • Do you want to manage your own balancing group?
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Our promise to deliver: Gas supply according to your demand at the VTP

Take advantage of the opportunity to have your gas supplies delivered at the virtual trading point (VTP) cost-effectively and based on your demand while managing your own balancing group. In the Allocation Model you nominate the daily quantity of natural gas based 1:1 on your actual requirements. We will supply this quantity at the VTP. Since your nominations are based on your actual consumption, quantity flexibility can be offered at the VTP at a relatively low price.

Tolerance band: Guaranteed commodity charge plus more nomination flexibility

Since it is difficult to accurately predict actual daily consumption, we provide you with a so-called tolerance band (e.g. ±5%) for the daily quantity reported as a fixed allocation within which you can flexibly nominate your quantity. For nominations within the tolerance band you purchase your daily supply quantities at the agreed commodity charge. For nominations outside the tolerance band (> 5% of actual consumption), the excess quantities or shortfalls will be billed at the current fair daily price.

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Account Management Germany
Marcus Mentel
Phone: +49 (0) 561 99858-1075
E-mail: marcus.mentel[at]

Simple processing

In addition to your daily nomination there is little effort involved on your part. We even look after reconciling your nomination data with the final, calorific value-adjusted allocation data you receive from your market area manager. All you need to do is email this allocation data to us once a month in MSCONS format.

The advantages:

Higher daily nomination flexibility than purely temperature-driven offtake models.

More cost-effective than other quantity flexibility schemes at the VTP.

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Your contact person

Account Management Germany
Marcus Mentel
Phone: +49 (0) 561 99858-1075
E-mail: marcus.mentel[at]