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Our supply models with balancing group management

Your expectations: Streamlining processes, delegating responsibility

  • Would you like flexible and carefree natural gas procurement?
  • Are you looking for a reliable partner to take over your balancing group management?
  • Would you like to outsource all 24/7 processes?

Our promise to deliver: Efficient balancing group management with high-quality service

Leading a balancing group brings many administrative duties and costs. If you would like to delegate the balancing group management, we offer you the Inclusive Model or the Plantgate Model and, as well as taking over natural gas deliveries, we assume responsibility for the entire balancing group management.

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Inclusive Model for resellers

With our Inclusive Model, we take care of the complete balancing group management, with all of the related risks and costs. We produce your daily load forecasts, nominate natural gas quantities in the market areas that are relevant for you and procure your natural gas in line with the agreed strategy. While doing so, we monitor your energy data continuously and take care of the billing. That’s all part of the service. WINGAS handles balancing group management up to the exit point. You are then responsible for including the exit points in the corresponding WINGAS balancing groups and balancing subgroups.

Plantgate Model for industrial customers

In the Plantgate Model, WINGAS supplies natural gas to your plant gate. We take over the balancing group management and book the exit capacities for you. Hence, we also take care of ensuring access to the natural gas grid with the relevant network operators which means we can deliver your natural gas reliably to your plant gate.

The advantages:

We assume responsibility for your 24/7 processes, including nominations and forecasts.

The time spent on administrative tasks, controlling and reporting is significantly reduced.

The alternative: The Portfolio Model

If you wish to retain responsibility for your balancing group, we are happy to supply you with our portfolio approach. With this approach, we supply you with natural gas according to your instructions and hand it over at the virtual trading point. As the balancing group manager you handle 24/7 processes, including the daily load forecasts and nominations to the market area manager. Moreover, you book exit capacities and apply for the corresponding balancing subgroups.

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Your contact person

Account Management Germany
Marcus Mentel
Phone: +49 (0) 561 99858-1075
E-mail: marcus.mentel[at]