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Multisite Supply

Transnational supply concepts for industrial customers

Do you, as an industrial client, require the greatest possible flexibility and precise invoicings per supply point?

If you also have supply points with regulated demand meterings, standard load profiles in different market regions and/or in different countries, WINGAS offers corresponding contract solutions.

The Multisite Supply enables cross-border supplies with precise invoicings per supply point whereby you can use quantity-based portfolio effects across all supply points. The contractually agreed quantity limits are by default applicable for all respective supply points.

Supplies to Multiple Contracting Parties

For industrial customers with complex group structures it can be useful to list multiple contracting parties in one Specific Conditions. Typical reasons for this could be:

  • Mutual liability enables better conditions
  • Improved credit rating when assessing all of the listed companies
  • Affiliated companies must also be listed in the contract for legal reasons

WINGAS offers you the opportunity to include multiple contracting parties in one Specific Conditions. Thereby, supply points can be invoiced precisely, quantity-based portfolio effects across all supply points can be used and the contractual options can be executed smoothly.

The advantages:

Even complex group structures can be represented.

You can realise quantity-based portfolio effects.

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