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Temperature Model

Your expectations: Weather-proof and need-based supply

  • Do you want to be prepared for temperature fluctuations?
  • Do you or your customers use the natural gas mainly for heating?
  • Do you want to plan safely into the future?

Our promise to deliver: The right amount of natural gas at all times – even for cold weather

We supply you with the quantity of natural gas that you need at all times, taking into account daily temperature fluctuations. This is our special service for you, because not even the weather forecasters know how the temperatures will change in the next heating period. You and your customers want to be prepared for every sudden change in the weather. With our Temperature Model, we adapt your purchase quantity every day.

With an analysis based on a sigmoid function, we determine your natural gas requirements for the next day and then guarantee to deliver this quantity to you. You know the heating behaviour of your customers over the last few years so that you can define the parameters of the sigmoid function. The German Weather Service provides the current temperature forecasts for all regions and relevant network exit points. Then only the price has to be decided. You can choose from various price models, for example an Gas Indexed Commodity Charge.

You have the opportunity to use additional features combined with the Temperature Model such as to arrange a tolerance bandwidth for the daily quantity, to integrate daily factors or to include flat quantities already procured by you.

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Daily quantities depending on average daily temperature

The advantages:

You shape the parameters of the sigmoid function individually according to your requirements. 

The daily quantity required is determined transparently according to your sigmoid function.