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Market Access on a Daily Basis

Your expectations: To secure liquidity in spot markets and actively manage the procurement

  • Are you looking for prices close to market prices and do you want to procure your natural gas at short notice?
  • Would you like to shape your procurement strategy pro-actively and diversify your procurement risk at the same time?
  • Do you value pricing in line with the spot markets?

Our promise to deliver: To balance the unbalanced quantities at current daily prices

More and more customers procure their quantities themselves and structure their portfolio by purchasing a variety of forward contracts. With this model, the customer procures the respective forward contracts according to his expected consumption in the supply period.

With the help of the Publication Based Market Access on a Daily Basis, you now have the opportunity to close the imbalances between the actual quantities required and the already procured flat quantities through the spot market at current daily prices. Within a contractually defined nomination frame, you have the opportunity to buy or sell quantities on a daily basis. The nominated quantities are to be completely offtaken by the relevant buyer. The balancing of imbalances is invoiced based on market pricing on a daily basis (DDAWE) without a predefined offtake obligation.

The advantages:

You can react to market developments at short notice.

You can balance your unbalanced quantities at current daily prices.

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