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Vertical Tranche Model

Your expectations: To secure liquidity in trading markets and actively manage the procurement

  • Are you looking for prices close to market prices and do you want to procure your natural gas at short notice?
  • Would you like to shape your procurement strategy pro-actively and diversify your procurement risk at the same time?
  • Do you value pricing in line with the forward markets?

Our promise to deliver: Flexibly shaped portfolios

To cover your natural gas demand, you put various forward contracts (e.g. “month”, “quarter”, “season” or “calendar year”) together in an optimised portfolio that is actively managed by you. You have the opportunity to procure the forward contracts (flat quantities) within a contractually defined order frame which defines the minimum and maximum sourcing quantities and the associated maximum hourly quantity. What makes the Vertical Tranche Model special is that it is possible to order quantities through both the OTC Process and the transparent Order Process. The Vertical Tranche Model offers you the highest procurement flexibility and can be shaped according to your preferences.

We provide you with the forward contracts in one batch. For residual quantities, we are happy to offer you supplementary products such as the Market Access on a Daily Basis.

The advantages:

You can react to market developments at short notice.

You control the commodity charge yourself by freely selecting quantities, procurement times and trading points.

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