Natural gas - a valuable raw material.

Powering the future

The raw material natural gas

It is impossible to imagine the world’s energy supply without natural gas. In 2011, 29% of the environmentally friendly energy source  was used by German households. It is also a popular choice in industry and for electricity generation.

At WINGAS, we know that the key to making progress in environmental protection and energy efficiency is to never stop being inquisitive. So, let us answer some common questions.

What is natural gas?

Natural gas was created millions of years ago when dead microorganisms, like algae and plankton, sank to the sea bed. Over time, they were covered by many layers of earth and rock, and were gradually converted into hydrocarbons.

What is natural gas?
Natural gas production

Natural gas in today’s energy mix

Today, natural gas is a key pillar of our energy supply: whether it’s for heat or electricity generation, natural gas is becoming more and more valuable as a vital partner in Germany’s energy transition.
Natural gas in the energy mix
Heat from natural gas
Electricity from natural gas

How does natural gas trading work?

The use of natural gas in Europe is increasing. In 2012, consumption in the 27 European Union Member States was 490 billion cubic meters per annum, and in Germany alone it was 88 billion cubic meters. Studies have predicted this to increase 1.5% annually, and in 2020 consumption will be 550 billion cubic meters ...

Gas Procurement
How does natural gas trading work?

How can natural gas be used?

Natural gas is a very versatile form of energy. Industrial manufacturing processes, for example, are barely possible without natural gas as they require a very exact heat supply. And natural gas vehicles provide a truly climate-friendly alternative form of mobility.

Natural gas mobility
Natural gas for industry