Natural gas - a valuable raw material.

Powering the future

Natural gas for industry

Natural gas is an essential energy source for many industrial processes. When an exact amount of heat is needed during an industrial manufacturing process, this versatile fuel impresses every time. Melting copper or producing porcelain and glass – natural gas is the go-to choice either way – not to mention it is economical and energy-efficient. 

Distilled with natural gas: Aromatic whisky made in Swabia, Germany

When people think of whisky, they usually think of Scotland or Ireland, but, in the meantime, high-quality whisky is now also being distilled in Germany. In Nellingen on the Swabian Alb, the finch® distillery has been producing the “water of life” since 1999. ...

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Natural gas is essential in brick production Steenfabriek Huissenswaard in Angeren churns out 75 million bricks annually

The Netherlands are a country of brick buildings. Each year, roughly 800 million bricks flow into construction projects to build apartment and office buildings or they are used as paving stones for gardens, roads or city squares. The average single-family home ...

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Using natural gas to make safer automotive parts At the Volkswagen factory in Kassel, high-strength chassis parts are being manufactured – thanks to natural gas.

Natural gas and vehicles – it's a good combination for more than just motors: Natural gas also plays an important role in automobile production. Volkswagen uses the energy source in the hot working of steel plates that are later used...

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A taste sensation thanks to natural gas Naturin produces collagen casings for the food industry.

What do natural gas and food products have in common? At first glance, nothing. And yet the energy source plays an enormously important role in the foodstuff and meat processing industry. For instance, Naturin Viscofan GmbH produces collagen...

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Natural gas turns the lights on Glashütte Limburg manufactures exclusive interior luminaires with natural gas

For industrial enterprises, natural gas is often an indispensable source of heat delivered in exactly the right volume. The glassmakers at the glassworks in Limburg in Hessen have also opted for natural gas for heating the smelting furnaces and for cooling. For natural gas provides exactly the amount of heat...

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“White Gold” for the whole world Hot, hotter, natural gas: porcelain manufacturer KAHLA fires quality products at 1,400 degrees Celsius

As a versatile form of energy, natural gas plays a key role in industrial production. In particular complex manufacturing processes which require an exact amount of heat are barely possible without natural gas, for natural gas delivers constant heat in precisely the volume...

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