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Common voice for natural gas Quick, efficient and affordable for better climate protection

Germany has set itself some ambitious targets. By 2050, damaging greenhouse gas emissions should be around 80 percent lower than in 1990. How can natural gas help achieve this?

Natural gas as a fuel is particularly important when it comes to heating buildings. Efficient natural gas- based heating technologies such as modern fuel cells are a particularly effective way of avoiding CO2 emissions at low cost. At the same time, replacing old heating systems with efficient gas technologies is often the quickest and cheapest option for achieving significant reductions in CO2 while reducing individual heating costs. Unfortunately, this consumer-friendly solution for active climate protection is all too frequently ignored by politicians – to the detriment of consumers and the climate.

In order to boost the public’s perception of natural gas as a fuel, the heating system manufacturer Viessmann and the natural gas supplier WINGAS have now agreed a sales and marketing partnership.

Your benefits at a glance:

Attractive marketing modules

Know-how and support for local projects

PartnerBonus programs Subsidies for the use of modern natural gas heating technologies

  • Climate PartnerBonus for your customers
  • Micro CHP PartnerBonus for you as a municipal utility

Viessmann and WINGAS offers subsidies for the use of modern natural gas heating technologies as part of two joint bonus programs.

The Climate PartnerBonus Pprogram is offered in conjunction with a municipal utility and is aimed at the utility’s end customers. Together with its municipal utility customers, WINGAS is subsidizing low-power gas technologies. If Viessmann heating systems are used, the manufacturer will make an additional contribution.

With the Micro CHP PartnerBonus, the use of fuel cells operated by municipal utilities on a contracting basis is subsidized.

Further information regarding the bonus programs..

Marketing module for municipal utilities Use of the Viessmann “Gas Innovations” truck as part of a municipal utility promotion, e.g. an open day

  • Attractive marketing module to help you address customers: Experience technology, win over customers on location
  • Individually tailored to the needs of the particular municipal utility

As part of an event (e.g. an open day), municipal utility customers can use the “Gas Innovations” truck for a day, including consulting services and promotional materials. Please speak to us for more details.

The Viessmann “Gas Innovations” truck in front of the WINGAS headquarters in Kassel.

Subsidizing new building projects for the natural gas infrastructure Working together to show that natural gas makes ecological and economic sense even in the new buildings of tomorrow

  • Know-how and support for local projects

Are you working on a new building development or a district solution and are looking for support? Then take advantage of the Viessmann partners’ know-how in your planning and implementation as well as joint media reporting. In individual cases, we can also offer financial support for the project.

Are you interested?

Speak to your Account Manager at WINGAS or send an e-mail to with the subject “Viessmann Partnership”. We look forward to receiving your inquiries.