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E-world energy & water 2022February 8 - 10, 2022Essen / Germany
  • World Energy Outlook 2021
    Natural gas is still a fundamental energy source on a global scale and will continue to play an important role in energy security and supply in the next few years.


  • Dear business partners!

    Contrary to what we had all hoped, the Corona pandemic is currently occupying us more than it did a few weeks ago. Nevertheless,…


  • WINGAS Customer Satisfaction 2021
    The evaluation results are quite respectable: Nearly 80 percent of the surveyed customers rated the business relationship with WINGAS from “very good” to “excellent”. This is the result of the customer satisfaction survey 2021.


  • Heating with Electricity and Gas – The Two Pillars of tomorrow’s Heating Market
    The climate protection goals for the heating market are ambitious – but feasible. Gas as a source of heating will continue to play a decisive role when it comes to reaching them.


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    Natural Gas: a Bridge to a more Sustainable Industry
    Energy-intensive industries are confronted with the challenge of reducing their emissions. Natural gas, as a source of energy, could perform an important bridging function in this respect.


  • Natural Gas and Mobility 2021: The Fuel Alternative!
    In sustainable mobility, natural gas offers a low-emission alternative to petrol and diesel – without any restrictions in practicality or convenience.


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    Market area merger: Two become one.
    The two German market areas GASPOOL and NetConnect Germany (NCG) will merge on 01. October 2021 to form an all-German market area called Trading Hub Europe (THE).


  • Natural gas continuous to play a key role on the energy market
    Figures of the initiative Zukunft Gas reveal: natural gas will remain one of the most important sources of energy in the sustainable energy mix of tomorrow.


  • Natural gas: ready for the hydrogen economy!
    Due to the multitude of options for generating, transporting, storing and using hydrogen, it is an exceptional source of energy for decarbonisation across many sectors – particularly when its production is CO2-neutral. For this reason, the German federal government launched the National Hydrogen Strategy (NWS) in June 2020, to create the framework for the economical and sustainable generation, transport and use of hydrogen.


  • It won't work without natural gas
    In an interview, Matthias Peter, Head of Sales at WINGAS, explains why gas is indispensable in the context of the energy transition and will continue to make an even more active contribution to achieving climate targets in the future with low-emission solutions.


  • Customer portal: Flexible gas procurement online
    The WINGAS customer portal is an online platform that displays all the information on current and ongoing contracts. All transactions that used to be processed through the Sales Desk via e-mail and telephone can also be made online with just a few clicks. With its many functions, the customer portal is already being used by well over a hundred customers.


  • Natural gas - an essential component of the energy mix today and in the future
    The decision to phase out coal-fired power and nuclear energy in Germany is a done deal. This means that the energy transition towards more renewable energy must be accelerated, especially in electricity and heat generation.


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