Raw Material Natural Gas

It is impossible to imagine the world’s energy supply without natural gas.  Formed over millions of years, it is the cleanest fossil fuel which has a range of applications from generating electricity and heating homes to powering cars. 
Given its advantages over other fuels, it is no surprise the use of natural gas is set to rise over the coming years, as we seek to reduce carbon emissions. According to the International Gas Union, consumption of natural gas is expected to double by 2030 and there is plenty of it available.  There are enough worldwide proven reserves to last until at least 2070, providing a secure source of energy as we move towards renewables. 

WSUK’s efforts play an important role, taking the gas from naturally occurring reserves and feeding it in to the UK’s gas grid.  The Saltfleetby site is one of a handful of conventional onshore gas fields in the UK, where the fuel can be easily extracted and put to good use.