The Saltfleetby Gas Field is a naturally occurring reservoir of gas almost a mile and a half below the surface of land between Saltfleetby and South Somercotes and to the west of Skidbrooke. It is made of porous rock which allows gas to flow through it and is topped by many layers of solid rock that seal in the gas.

It has held gas naturally for millions of years and since 1999, gas has been taken out of it to provide fuel for homes and businesses. This is done by drilling well bores down into the reservoir and letting the gas come to the surface under its own pressure. The gas is then fed through a pipeline to Theddlethorpe and into the UK’s national gas grid.



WSUK acquired the asset in 2005 intending to convert the gas field into a gas storage facility, a project requiring a lengthy evaluation and consent process. In the meantime it was decided to recommence production of gas in 2012. The gas and well fluids (condensate and water) are transported by pipeline to the gas treatment plant at Theddlethorpe where the water and condensate (an oily substance similar to crude oil) are separated from the gas. The gas is treated so that its characteristics fulfil the specifications for use in the National Grid system which supplies domestic and industrial consumers.