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WINGAS receives EcoVadis Silver CSR Rating.

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14.11.2022 The German government becomes the sole owner of the SEFE Group

With effect from 14 November 2022, the Federal Government becomes the sole owner of SEFE Securing Energy for Europe ("SEFE") and thus of WINGAS. By way of an order…

    More energy together - As part of SEFE Securing Energy for Europe GmbH, WINGAS plays a key role in the German and European gas supply.

    The SEFE Group employs around 1,500 people, almost 250 of them at the WINGAS site in Kassel. The main business areas of the SEFE Group include global procurement, trading and sales, transport and storage of natural gas.

    About the SEFE Group

    With 30 years of experience on the European energy market, WINGAS is one of the largest natural gas suppliers in Europe with its foreign locations.

    To supply our customers, we draw on a diversified portfolio and procure at various European trading points - while our primary objective remains to secure supplies for our customers.

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