Made-to-measure solutions.

WINGAS natural gas products

Natural gas

We supply your natural gas, tailor-made to meet your requirements: for example, are you looking for a full, all-round supply without much administrative or operational effort on your part? Or do you prefer a partial supply as the ideal complement to your own procurement strategy? We are your reliable partner, regardless of whether you hold the balancing group management yourself, or whether we take over the balancing group management for you.

WINGAS offers you a broad spectrum of natural gas products: from fixed price, gas-indexed formula-based price, to tranche models (horizontal tranche models). The temperature model makes you fully prepared for temperature fluctuations. Or you can agree an individual Flex Service with us to generate additional price and quantity flexibility.

Our particular focus is on our customers and their individual needs. We formulate your requirements and search for the ideal solution – and this seldom manifests itself in just one product.

You can trust that we will use our many years of experience to help you gather your individual portfolio together. We attach great value to cooperating in a spirit of partnership and work hand in hand with our customers. Trust and efficient channels play an important role in this cooperation.