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For all those who not only attach importance to a reliable supply of natural gas under fair conditions: We offer a wide range of natural gas-related services designed to make your business life easier and give you new impetus. Discover the possibilities.

Sales Desk

In times of short-term natural gas procurement and challenging portfolio optimisation our Sales Desk team is on hand to help you. Once a basic agreement has been concluded with Account Management, you’ll be given direct access to our Sales Desk. This means you can acquire natural gas in a customised and structured manner at competitive prices, even without independent access to the trading markets. As part of your agreement, this is where you can purchase standardised natural gas trade products quickly and easily and execute contractual options.

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REMIT Reporting Service

From April 7, 2016, energy trading companies across Europe will be subject to the extended reporting obligations of the energy and financial market regulation REMIT. Market participants will be obligated through REMIT (Regulation of Energy Market Integrity and Transparency) to report their energy trading transactions (gas and electricity) to ACER (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators).

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To give you the opportunity to learn about current and industry-relevant topics in a concise, straight-forward and comprehensive manner, we regularly offer a variety of events.

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Courses & Lectures

Are you looking for new impetus? Do you need market-related topics presented in an easy-to-understand format? Or do you want to deepen your knowledge about natural gas in your organisation? Then we have just the right thing for you: On request, our experts will share their know-how with you – we will coordinate the topic and format with you individually.

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Bonus Programmes

The climate goal set by the Federal Government is to achieve a CO2 reduction of at least 80 percent (from the 1990 baseline) by 2050. Especially the heating market holds a huge savings potential. Modern gas efficiency technologies in the heating market help to reduce emissions and save costs.

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Market Partners

We perform many tasks ourselves, but for others we need competent and reliable assistance. In order to ensure/guarantee the best possible procurement, we want to work with competitive suppliers in a spirit of partnership. Environment protection, safety at work and social standards are important aspects of our supplier relations.

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Always well-informed

Customers of WINGAS benefit from a special service: Every Tuesday you receive a free newsletter with a preview of the coming trading week. The WINGAS trading experts outline the most important trends of the wholesale market prices.

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Customer Operation Frontend

You can simply send us your order quantities online here and receive an overview of the past delivery quantities.

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Customer portal

The WINGAS customer portal provides you with an information platform on which you can view and monitor all your invoices, consumption, relevant market data and gas price developments. You are always up-to-date and see all important data at a glance.

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