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Simple and secure The REMIT Reporting Service for all WINGAS customers

Since April 7, 2016, energy trading companies across Europe are subject to the extended reporting obligations of the energy regulation REMIT. Market participants are obliged through REMIT (Regulation of Energy Market Integrity and Transparency) to report their energy trading transactions (gas and electricity) to ACER (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators).

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WINGAS would like to make reporting of natural gas transactions within the REMIT requirements as easy and secure as possible. Therefore, we are offering you a convenient web portal solution which you can use, from now onwards, not only for yourself but also for your business partners. Thus, you reduce your organisational outlay, avoid IT investments and you can offer your customers additional services.

We report on your behalf all transactions between our companies. You can monitor these reports quite easily with the convenient access to our online portal.

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Simply contact your Account Manager or send an e-mail to remit[at]